Wedding Celebration


Parties - The fuel to O+W Design's being. Anything you want to celebrate should be executed in style with the most intricate details and mind blowing creativity. I believe in fairytale, take-your-breath-away kind of soirees. Whether its a romantic candlelit dinner, a surprise, or a tea party, O+W Designs would love to be a part of it all!


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O+W Designs has extensive experience with stage design, stylized shoots and business events. We love to help local startups and businesses launch their brand new ideas and spaces in the utmost creative matter.



Beautiful blooms are the cherry on top, the jelly to your PB sandwich, the cheese to your Mac'n Cheese - and a necessity for an impeccable design. Flowers are what dreams are made of. Specializing in creating customized floral designs fitting to any occasion & budget. Bring your vision to life with O+W floral designs.